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Big Brothers, Big Sisters

by mike


Tom is a one of five kids being raised by a single mom, Becky (his father has been in‐out of prison, and is not in his life). All five youth have a mentor or have had a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Tom and Chip have spent time together doing activities like attending the Asian Celebration and the American Heritage Festival. They also spend time together going to movies, going to the park and simply enjoying their time together. Tom’s self confidence has grown since his relationship with Chip began. Tom was a very shy boy who really avoided being the center of attention and would stay in the shadows behind his siblings. Now, Tom is winning BMX races…

A note from Chip, Tom’s mentor about Tom’s interest in riding BMX bikes:
April 12, 2011:
I had taken Tom to see BMX racing at the Fairgrounds. After two visits, Tom said, “I’d love to try that.” But from checking out the bikes, helmets, and uniforms the BMX kids wore, I remember thinking to myself, “This ain’t gonna happen,” figuring that it would probably take $250 ‐ $300 to get Tom the requisite gear to actually take part. But out of curiosity, I phoned some local BMX people this past January and discovered that Eugene BMX has a scholarship program for underprivileged kids. Tom ended up completing his BMX application last week. I submitted it to BMX and this past Thursday, Joyce of Eugene BMX notified Becky and Tom that he’d been awarded the scholarship. Way to go, Tom!

The scholarship is for $50.00, which should allow Tom 7 ‐ 8 race days to compete. Plus, a BMX dad named Todd said he could supply Tom with a loaner bike and a full coverage helmet. Tom is so psyched! Thank you Palo Alto Software for your support of Tom!

June 27, 2011:
Tom the Racing Champion!
Tom finished in 1st place in all 3 of his races!


That is seriously cool, Tom. Way to go!!

-Palo Alto Software staff