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Business Planning in Cambodia

by mike

What have business planning and reducing pollution in Angkor Wat, Cambodia have in common? Not a lot you may think but you’d be wrong! In fact one of the participants in this years McKinsey Mekong Business Plan Challenge 2011 (co-sponsored by Palo Alto Software) wrote a fantastic business plan seeking to encourage the adaption of environmentally friendly transport in the region.

The problem in Cambodia is that there is a high level of pollution associated with the petrol consuming tuk tuk’s used to ferry tourists around the ancient ruins. The students want to create a social enterprise venture that marries the adaption of less polluting vehicles with an enhanced local awareness of the long term damage the current vehicles are causing.

The business plan (written in English) is of a high standard and the students have clearly benefited from using Business Plan Pro in shaping their idea and in leaving no stone unturned with their plan.

From a Palo Alto Software perspective, we have a proud record of sponsoring student enterprise initiatives around the world. By providing students in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam (the participant countries in the competition) access to a product that would otherwise be beyond their means we help them develop much stronger business plans than would otherwise be the case. The structure provided by Business Plan Pro also ensured the production of a holistic plan and that all bases were covered to a high standard.

Angor Wat is a place I have always planned on visiting – when I do, I intend to travel in style in an environmentally friendly vehicle, safe in the knowledge that the business is in safe hands and that the underlying business plan is sound.


Alan Gleeson
General Manager, UK & Ireland

Alan has managed Palo Alto Software’s UK division since 2004, overseeing it’s growth in the UK and Europe. Prior to that Alan was a Product Manager at Barclays Plc a leading global financial services provider. He joined Barclays Plc on their Graduate Programme in 1998 from University College Cork, Ireland and spent 5 years at Barclays in various divisions in both the business and retail banking sectors. He has also worked in a range of different short term roles around the world including engagements in Ireland, UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

Alan has an MBA from Oxford University, an MSc and B.Comm from University College Cork, Ireland and a Post Grad Diploma in eCommerce from Birkbeck College, University of London



March 25, 2011 – Since posting this article, we have recieved an email from the team mentioned above:

Dear Palo Alto Software,

I am Meyka Chea, one of the Angkor Transport business plan team members. I am here writing a letter to express my gratitude and thankful to your company who was so supportive and helpful that you provided us a wonderful business plan software. The software did help us a lot in our business plan since it was our first experience in   writing such a business project. Therefore, with the software, we finally could produce a fantastic plan and be qualified to achieve this successful outcome. We could not imagine what the result would be if without the software.

Thank you so much for your support and sponsor.

Sincerely yours,
Meyka Chea
Kingdom of Cambodia


We congratulate Meyka Chea and the rest of the Angkor Transport team on their recent success!