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Jay Snider

Sabrina Parsons on BusinessMakers Radio

by Jay Snider


Recently Palo Alto Software CEO Sabrina Parsons joined by Russ Capper on The BusinessMakers Show. Check it out to hear her talk about how she rose to her current position, how Palo Alto Software’s corporate culture encourages a healthy work/life balance, and more.

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Jay Snider

Palo Alto Software and OSBDC Partnership

by Jay Snider

Palo Alto Software and Oregon Small Business Development Center Network are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership to expand elearning opportunities for businesses throughout the state. New tools are being developed to help Small Business Development Center Network clients overcome challenges associated with time and distance.

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Trevor Betenson

Hometown Pride: Track Town USA

by Trevor Betenson


So funny story. We’re not actually located in Palo Alto California. We are in Eugene Oregon. Over the years, we’ve been asked a number of times “How’s the weather in California?”, so much so that we almost think it belongs on our FAQ page. But we’re happy to continue answering, because we understand – it seems like a sure thing given the name of our company.

In the spirit of that question, and to show off why we love living in Eugene Oregon so much, we’re starting a new series on this blog called Hometown Pride. Team members at PAS will express why they love living in “Unique” Eugene.

Today we hear from Trevor Betenson – our CFO.

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Big Brothers, Big Sisters

by mike


We just got an update from the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Lane County about the pair Palo Alto Software sponsored this past winter. We’re super proud of Tom and Chip and want to share their story with you.

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