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What I Learned Spending $50K on Facebook Ads

by Jim Huffman

Facebook ads—nearly every startup has them as a part of their marketing plan. These tips will help you create a solid Facebook ad strategy for your business, based on one entrepreneur's experience.... Read More

4 Steps to Turn Tweets Into Customers

by Emma Vaughn

Want to leverage Twitter as part of your social media marketing strategy? Simply setting up a Twitter account isn't enough. Here's how to use Twitter to actually get customers in the door. ... Read More

7 Ways to Grow Your Startup With Video

by Eugene Mota

Video is one of the best tools to accelerate your business growth, and the time to take action is right now. Here are seven practical ways to integrate video into your marketing and growth strategy. ... Read More

Is It Time to Kill the Business Plan?

by Noah Parsons

As soon as you get out in the real world, your plan is going to have to change and adapt. So, why bother? Wouldn’t writing a business plan just be a waste of time?... Read More

8 Ways to Maintain a Leaner Schedule

by Anna Johansson

On one hand, it’s good to be busy—but at the same time, there are serious disadvantages to having a packed schedule. Here's how to implement a leaner, more efficient schedule. ... Read More