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Customer Story – MJ Everson Financial

by mike

Matthew J. Everson did not like his job. He felt the company he was working for was making some less-than-ethical decisions. After a lot of thought he finally realized, “there must be a better way to serve people than ripping them off!”

So he quit his job and started putting together that something better.

That was almost 10 years ago and Matt, along with his business partner Sarah Trejo, now has a thriving, locally-known business which focuses on the basic principles of business. “We treat our clients and their money with care and competence. We treat them honestly.”

We’re all living in a world changed by people like Bernie Madoff who made it a point to focus solely on profit. And while making money is not a crime, the way a company makes it can sometimes be. So a firm that focuses first on the people and then on the profits is refreshing indeed.

Of course, in the beginning, it wasn’t all easy going.

Matt says he made some mistakes right off the bat.  “We rented too big an office, spent money on advertising that didn’t work, etc.” But one thing Matt made sure he got right was making an investment in Business Plan Pro to help him get his plan together.

“Palo Alto was there in the beginning to help me organize my thoughts, plan my business and learn from my mistakes.”

Five years into it, Matt and Sarah realized they needed money to keep the business moving forward. They were able to secure the financing they needed to grow by showing their banker how Matt had always followed a business plan.  “Always had and still do.”

Today, MJ Everson Financial serves over 125 clients in Santa Rosa, California and manages over $50,000,000 in investments.

Well done, Matt and Sarah.

Company: MJ Everson Financial
Founded: August 1, 2001
Description: MJ Eversons provides intelligent financial guidance for retirees while respecting our community and our planet. In doing so, we strive to remain profitable through the years so we can continue serving our clients at a highly personalized level. Why settle for anything less?