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Customer Story – Terra Paws

by mike

Name of your business:
Terra Paws

Founded in:


Brief Description of business:
We are an all-natural manufacturer of Freeze-Dried Pet Treats.

Why is your product or service unique?
We use only US sourced ingredients that are harvested from small farms all across the USA and use a non-chemical freeze drying process to create healthy, all-natural Dog and Cat treats. We also test all of our products twice and package by hand in small batches to verify the quality of our products.

What is the biggest hurdle you have faced in starting, running or growing your business?
The toughest challenge we have faced so far is breaking into an established industry in a creative and honest way. Each day we fight the battle and some days we win, some days we have to go back to the drawing board. In this industry rejection can be brutal and at times it can become difficult to pick yourself up but I am lucky enough to have a deep passion for what we do.

Being a pet parent myself, I only want my dogs to have the best but I also need to balance finances around that need. That’s why we started Terra Paws, excellent pet nutrition isn’t something you have to be rich to afford. I’ve had a quote on my wall since I started working at 15 years old;

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle. That pretty much sums it all up!

How did using Palo Alto Software’s products assist in your success?
Palo Alto Software’s Business Plan Pro is definitely responsible for us being where we are today. When you start writing a business plan it’s often easier to just be the Ostrich and bury your head in the sand. It’s an unbelievably overwhelming task to break down this “idea” in your head and translate that idea into forecasts, cash flow projections, sales projections, etc….

I had actually spent almost three months trying to write our business plan cold turkey. Let’s just say I knew I needed help and that’s where Business Plan Pro really stepped up. From the get go it was unbelievably easy to use and very intuitive. I was able to go in and complete the sections I knew the answers to and go back to the sections that needed a little more massaging before I could complete them. The online tools and the helpful pointers throughout the software made it so simple to write our business plan, we couldn’t have started this company without it!

It was that business plan that actually secured our start-up loan. A private individual felt that the plan was professional, and in their words “a little too much”. It’s always a nice feeling to have somebody who is very successful tell you that you over-prepared. In the end we have Palo Alto Software and Business Plan Pro to thank for getting us up and running and I recommend them to everyone I know!
Anthony Santarsiero, President
Tampa, FL