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by mike

Review of Palo Alto Software: Business Plan Pro 11.0 from Home Office Reports

Start Up: Palo Alto’s business planning software is easy to install and use – right from the start.

Time Savings: All of the Palo Alto business planning software will help you develop a professional business, financial, marketing or Internet plan efficiently and effectively.

Ease of Use: Palo Alto’s software is very “usable” for both the beginner and the “pro”. Wizards are available, but optional, letting the more accomplished user manipulate and customize the plans to a greater degree.

Palo Alto’s software is designed for the Windows environment only.

Support: Palo Alto’s web site has a ton of good information – both from a resource and technical support standpoint. They also offer free technical support via phone (email as well), Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific. There is no “800″ number however, you’ll pay all long distance charges where they apply. Another nice feature, is that unlike most of the other business planning software out there, when Business Plan Pro is updated and/or patched, the software automatically prompts you to download the update.

Features: Before we built our last business plan, we purchased 7, count ‘em 7 packages to find the best one – the most feature rich and functional to us was Business Plan Pro (Premier Edition) – hands down! The most resources (the PowerPoint templates for presentations are VERY nice), market research, SIC codes, you name it. And the software gives you examples but lets you do the writing! A much better approach than pre-written (poorly) templates where you just “fill in” blanks and end up going back through and re-writing and editing in Word. Marketing Plan Pro makes the development of a “doable” marketing plan a reality. Finally, the kits that are available that couple Business Plan Pro with Entrepreneur Magazine’s “How to Start a XX” binder is a fast and effective way to get a new business conceived, financed and under way.

Overall Rating: Without question, we believe that Business Plan Pro (Premier edition which is what we use) is the best software on the market. We’ve spent a lot of money and time trying out a number of others and keep coming back to Palo Alto! And, if you need to develop a marketing or advertising plan, Palo Alto’s offerings are great time and money savers. Worthwhile, timesaving investments for you and your business.