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When Does Invoice Financing Make Sense?

by Meredith Wood

Are you plagued by late-paying customers? It's a common problem for many small business owners. However, invoice financing can help alleviate this worry—and prevent future cash flow issues. ... Read More

What Is a Balance Sheet, and How Do You Read It?

by Noah Parsons

Does the idea of reading your balance sheet leave you feeling decidedly unbalanced? The balance sheet is the most misunderstood financial statement—which is problematic because it is also one of the... Read More

How to Develop Your Business Strategy

by Noah Parsons

Fail to develop a solid business strategy, and your new venture will likely not be successful. Here's how to complete this first step of the Lean Planning process. ... Read More

Understanding Your Cash Flow Statement

by Noah Parsons

Cash is the lifeblood of every business. Run out of cash, and you’re dead in the water. Here's how to understand your cash flow statement, and keep your business alive. ... Read More

Making Tough Decisions the Right Way

by Harriet Genever

You're worried about making the wrong decision and hurting your business. You're not alone; it's a fear most small business owners face. Here's the right way to make tough business decisions. ... Read More