Business Startup Checklist

by Candice Landau

Starting your own business may sound like an epic undertaking—but the truth is, it’s not. This checklist covers everything you need to start your business today.... Read More

Is Your Management Style Working? Encouraging Organic Motivation Through Effective Communication

by Robert Conrad

  For managers, employee apathy can be debilitating. Left unchecked, the problem can evolve beyond the doors of the establishment, and potentially force a business to shut down because of a poor ... Read More

How to Define Your Target Market

by Tim Berry

What’s my target market? What should it be? How would I know? Here’s a list of five things that will help you figure it out.... Read More

From Food Cart to Award-Winning Restaurant: A Secret to Success Story

by Anthony St. Clair

One entrepreneurial couple's story of going from food cart owners to opening an award-winning brewery. Want to open a restaurant or a food cart? Read on.... Read More

From Food Cart to Award-Winning Restaurant: A Secret to Success Story

by Anthony St. Clair

This interview was conducted in 2015 with Colleen and Stephen Sheehan, co-owners of Delacata food cart and Elk Horn Brewery. Business team and spouses Colleen and Stephen Sheehan started small, then w... Read More

How One Creative Freelancer Like You Almost Didn’t Get Paid

by Ann Rea

Have you poured time and resources into a creative project and not been paid? Are you worried it could happen? If you're a freelancer, this is a must-read. ... Read More

This Week in Small Business: From Online Loans to Startup Marketing

by Briana Morgaine

This week on Bplans, we covered details of anti-spam legislation, how startup marketing differs from marketing in general, an infographic version of our popular Big Brand Challenge, tips for searching... Read More

Your Small Business News Roundup 8.28.15

by Michael X. Heiligenstein

Bringing you the latest news on small business and more—this week we’re covering 3D printing, millennials at work, and what you need to know about Black Monday.... Read More

How to Keep Discounts from Killing Your Business [PART 3]

by Leah Hamilton

In this article, we'll take a look at what anti-spam legislation applies to your small business, so that you can market without spamming. We'll go into detail on the various anti-spam legislation that... Read More

A Simple Recipe for Startup Marketing Strategy

by Tim Berry

Marketing for your startup will be a bit different than marketing for an existing business. How can you market your startup more effectively? An effective startup marketing strategy starts with sharp ... Read More

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