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Noah Parsons

LivePlan February 2012 Update

by Noah Parsons

Our regularly scheduled monthly product update went live on Thursday evening. In addition to small improvements and routine fixes, this release adds the following capabilities.

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Trevor Betenson

Hometown Pride: Track Town USA

by Trevor Betenson


So funny story. We’re not actually located in Palo Alto California. We are in Eugene Oregon. Over the years, we’ve been asked a number of times “How’s the weather in California?”, so much so that we almost think it belongs on our FAQ page. But we’re happy to continue answering, because we understand – it seems like a sure thing given the name of our company.

In the spirit of that question, and to show off why we love living in Eugene Oregon so much, we’re starting a new series on this blog called Hometown Pride. Team members at PAS will express why they love living in “Unique” Eugene.

Today we hear from Trevor Betenson – our CFO.

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Small Business Story – Granola Snacks

by mike


“Tell your tech department they are awesome!”

There’s a certain element of sunshine and laughter in the way Sue Van Fossen speaks. It comes through on the phone and you find yourself smiling almost immediately. And to be honest, it’s the exact feeling you get when you taste her Granola Snacks.

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Palo Alto Software Reviews You! – Granola Snacks

by mike


As the song goes, it’s not easy being green. Well, it’s not easy being the Technical Support guy either. While the rest of us in the Marketing and Customer Service departments tend to get a lot of the fun sides of talking to our customers, that isn’t always the case with Tech Support.

So imagine our glee when Josh, our main Techie guy, got a present in the mail!

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Big Brothers, Big Sisters

by mike


We just got an update from the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Lane County about the pair Palo Alto Software sponsored this past winter. We’re super proud of Tom and Chip and want to share their story with you.

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Jay Snider

Team Profit and Loss earns first win

by Jay Snider


After six straight losses to start the softball season, Palo Alto Software’s Team Profit and Loss dominated their opponents last night to record their first win.

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