Free Download: Investor Pitch Deck Template Kit

by Jonathan Michael

Want investors to get excited about your business idea? Download our free investor pitch deck template kit now, and get ready to impress your audience.... Read More

How to Do Market Research

by Noah Parsons

Market research sounds like a complex process for academics. But, it’s actually really simple and important for your business. We'll show you how.... Read More

Boss Life: An Interview with New York Times Columnist and Author Paul Downs

by Angelique O'Rourke

Paul Downs was a writer for the New York Times’ “You’re The Boss” blog, and has owned and run his own small business for nearly thirty years. Now, he’s written a book a... Read More

As a Small Business Owner, You’re Leading a Boss Life: Book Giveaway from Author Paul Downs

by Angelique O'Rourke

Author and entrepreneur Paul Downs shares his insights with me on running a long-standing, successful small business. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to enter the book giveaway. ... Read More

Your Brand’s Tone of Voice: Why It Matters and How to Craft It

by Elicia Putnam

Let’s take a look at what a brand’s tone of voice actually is, why it matters, and how to craft it.... Read More

The Research-Backed Guide to Increasing Office Productivity

by Briana Morgaine

There are few buzzwords as often rehashed has “productivity.” However, as well-canvassed as the concept of workplace productivity may be, the goal of creating the most productive workplace possibl... Read More

Episode 11: Business Buzzwords, False Assumptions, and Content Tips from Joe Pulizzi | The Bcast

by Jonathan Michael

This week, Peter and Jonathan list their most-hated business buzzwords and false assumptions, and Joe Pulizzi (founder, Content Marketing Institute) also joins in. ... Read More

What Are the Best Foods to Snack on at Work?

by Briana Morgaine

  You want to stay focused and alert while working—who doesn’t? The trouble is, you’re hungry. Like, really hungry. You’ve got to plan your office snacking carefully to avoid the food com... Read More

The Big LivePlan Update You’ve Been Waiting For

by Noah Parsons

Today, we’re excited to take the wraps off a new version of LivePlan that’s designed to help you grow a better, smarter business. To find out what's new, take a brief guided tour with us. You won'... Read More

Think Multitasking Is Good for Business? Research Says It Isn’t

by Lisa Furgison

Do you juggle several tasks at once during your workday? If so, multitasking probably tops your list of skills. But is multitasking really beneficial to productivity? There’s a lot of research that ... Read More

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