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Palo Alto Software Reviews You! – Chocolate South

by mike

I’m just going to say it.

For the record?  We love our customers.

A lot.

It’s a fairly safe bet to say that most companies love their customers. For several different and obvious reasons.

Occasionally we have a customer of our software so excited about their business they just can’t help but share what they do. Sometimes that means long phone calls where they explain what the business is or what it will be. And sometimes it comes in the form of product sent to us. We’ve been sent t-shirts, flashlights, granola and even a package of baby wipes. (True story!)

Which brings me to Amy Stankus at Chocolate South who sent us a little something thanking our customer service representative Mandi Cody for a job well done.

As you might have guessed from her company name, Amy sent our office some chocolate.

Unexpected chocolate in the office is always a good thing but let me explain–

We aren’t talking about your average mass-produced, wrapped in tinfoil and sold in a store near you chocolate…  no, this was amazing, melt-in-your-mouth delicious awesomeness that was hand packed into beautifully presented boxes.

The packaging, as you will see, is a real visual treat. The green box looked just like a flower with a chocolate center. It was almost a shame to break into it and try it out.

But try it we did.


Watch the video on YouTube

I chatted briefly with Amy about why she decided to purchase Business Plan Pro for her business. “I love making chocolate, but I hate the number crunching that goes with running a business, so I bought business plan software to make it easier for me to do a business plan.”

Being a Mac user, Amy quickly passed her PC-only version of Business Plan Pro to her PC using husband, and signed up for our newest business planning, Mac-friendly business planning app, LivePlan.

“I am using LivePlan this week and next to add lots more to the plan, as I am getting busier and need to really focus on the right direction for Chocolate South!”

So, Amy Stankus of We thank you for sharing your delectable pieces of chocolate joy with us. We’re telling everyone how great it tasted, how beautifully it was presented and encouraging everyone to try it out for themselves.

Continued success with your business!

Company Name: Chocolate South
Founded in 2004
Description: Chocolate truffles and bonbons — hand-made using premium and organic ingredients. From classic truffles to custom flavors and shapes, our collection includes offerings that highlight some of our favorite flavors and images of the South.