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Palo Alto Software Reviews You! – Gooden Sweet

by mike

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Sean Gooden and his sweet gourmet treats.

Gooden Sweet Gourmet Treats opened its virtual doors in April of 2010.  While only a year old, the company has made huge strides from where they began. Starting this month, Gooden Sweet will have their tasty treats in the local Austin Texas Whole Foods and Sean is looking to expand into his own retail storefront soon.

When I first started researching Sean’s company I started by checking out the website and saw the fantastic picture of the cookies.

I gotta say, I was sold on first sight.

Being the sweet tooth company we are, I decided to buy a sample box of the cookies so we could all try them out. We waited patiently for the delivery and when it finally came, we videotaped an “un-boxing”.


If I had to pick a favorite, the Sweetheart cookie comes out on top for me. Jay says he will have to stick with the classic and so the World’s Famous Chocolate Chip cookie he tried was his top choice.

The cookies are delicious, the packaging is well done, the cookies come quickly and packed in a way that they all arrived in one piece.

Thanks Sean, we’re big fans of yours!!

Company: Gooden Sweet Gourmet Treats
Founded: 2010
Description: Gooden Sweet Gourmet Treats -Exquisite cookies baked daily using all-natural ingredients, real butter and premium chocolate, then delivered fresh to you! Whether you order wholesale, retail or want a dessert just for yourself or someone special, Gooden Sweet Gourmet Treats stands up to its promise.  We guarantee a sensational taste experience that will keep you coming back for more!