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Palo Alto Software Reviews You! – Granola Snacks

by mike

Josh Havener is part of our technical support team. He is the first wave of support for anyone who calls in with any questions or technical issues with our software.

Typically, the calls that Josh receives aren’t full of long thoughtful conversation as generally people who get Josh are looking for some immediate help to get them working again.

So when Josh received a package in the mail on Friday from a happy customer, he was ridiculously excited.

Sue Van Fossen (from originally contacted us because she was having some issues with her plan file not adding things up properly. Thankfully I was able to quickly determine and fix the issue. She was so ecstatic and really grateful. She mentioned sending me something as a thanks, but since I rarely get things like that, I wasn’t really counting on it happening.

After a few days had passed, I received a package in the mail. I say this with a bit of wonder because I never get mail at the office. Curious about what was in the package, I tore into it like a 5 year old on Christmas. Lo and behold, it was a bag of Sue’s Gourmet Rocky Road Granola! This is the first gift that I’ve gotten from an appreciative customer, so I had to share the wealth with some of the people here in the office! It was unanimous, this granola was a hit!

Thanks Sue! Thank you for letting me play a small role in getting your business plan done, and thank you for the delicious granola snacks!


Company:  Granola Snacks
Founded: 2008
Owned by:  Sue Van Fossen
Description:Granola Snacks is a company comprised of individuals who love to eat, listen to music, and are huge OSU Buckeye fans. We think having a business should be a ton of fun and that’s pretty much our first vocational rule. We are simply what our  name says we are.  We believe Granola Snacks should come in delicious crunchewy chunks that are broken by hand and tasted a lot before they are bagged.