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PR (Email Center Pro): Realized 50 Percent Gain in Online Retail Operations

by mike

Email Center Pro Centralized Entire Customer and Business Email Messaging System

EUGENE, Ore. – December 17, 2008 – Palo Alto Software today shared that one of its Email Center Pro customers realized a 50-percent gain in email sales conversions by using the company’s online email response management and distribution service for small businesses. (a top distributor of Herbalife products in the United States) was faced with a big work flow efficiency issue. Its previous email management system left the company uncertain whether or not customer inquiries were slipping through the cracks, an especially harrowing realization in the midst of an economic downturn. The bulk of its business is handled online and accessibility to customers is vital to its success. chose to work with Email Center Pro, which centralized the customer and business email messaging effort and made it transparent to the entire organization. Messages sent to addresses like info@, sales@ and support@ are now accessible to multiple users inside one common interface. Once in this central location, users apply a host of collaborative features that truly differentiate the service.

“We are at least 50 percent more efficient than before we started using Email Center Pro,” said Daniel Lewis, Senior Partner. “The service has simplified things, streamlined our work flow and made us more profitable. In an (economic) time when you want to capitalize on every sale that you can, especially given the importance of the holiday retail season, Email Center Pro ensures that you’re not missing out on any customer interactions.”

Prior to using Email Center Pro, the company employed a makeshift email communication system that left serious holes in the customer service experience.

“We have far more control over our processes than ever before, and make use of the internal notes all of the time,” Lewis said. “For instance, I have some employees who work from Monday-Wednesday and some who work from Thursday-Saturday. Before Email Center Pro, there was no way for the Thursday team to know where the Wednesday team left off without making multiple phone calls, exchanging countless emails or going through the entire system. Now, because of the transparency, everyone knows where we’re at and there’s no duplication or overlooking.”

And Lewis is truly getting great value for his dollar.

“I use Email Center Pro to manage email across multiple domains, and to handle order fulfillment and voice messages — for the price of a few lattes,” Lewis said.

And in case there’s some concern over how much effort it might take to get up to speed as an Email Center Pro user, Lewis says it best.

“A few days ago I hired a new employee and spent about two hours taking her through Email Center Pro. On her second day she performed flawlessly in the service. It was refreshing.”

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