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PR (Email Center Pro): Spam Assassin and security encryption enhancements give email management more

by mike

Email Center Pro 2.0 Adds SpamAssassin, Open-Source SPAM Filter, Helping Small Businesses in all 50 States

Eugene, OR (PRWeb) November 18, 2008 – Palo Alto Software today announced availability of enhanced SPAM control for Email Center Pro 2.0 with SpamAssassin. In the small-business market, the open source SpamAssassin dominates many anti-spam systems, according to Network World.

“SpamAssassin gives our users even more functionality, and puts Email Center Pro in a position to meet all of a small business’ email needs,” said Palo Alto Software CEO Sabrina Parsons. “With new features like this coming out week after week, Palo Alto Software is thrilled about its opportunity to relieve the typical pain point that email causes for small businesses.

Email Center Pro eliminates the hassle of manually managing shared email coming into inboxes, such as or With the growth of open-source solutions, small businesses can now access the same systems that big corporations use to quickly see how many messages are in each inbox, how many messages have been responded to and who responded. By controlling the flow of incoming email, small businesses can better manage their email to avoid response overlap and missed messages. With Palo Alto Software’s new Email Center Pro SpamAssassin feature, small businesses nationwide can now take control of their inboxes.

In addition to this enhanced SPAM control feature, Email Center Pro reliably archives all messages, providing a history of every email that has gone through the service. Email Center Pro is password-protected and encrypted to ensure security, and uses the Amazon Web Services infrastructure for the same level of reliability as the store. The complete email management solution will help small businesses nationwide save time and keep control over their email management.

Email Center Pro information and pricing is available at

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