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PR (Palo Alto Software): Palo Alto Software Names New CEO, COO, and VP of Product Development

by mike

Eugene, OR (April 25th, 2007) – Palo Alto Software today announced three senior executive promotions as the company positions itself for a new generation of software products and continued shareholder growth. Sabrina Parsons has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, Noah Parsons has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and Cale Bruckner has been appointed Vice President, Product Development.

“Palo Alto Software is about to begin a new chapter with a new executive management team at its helm. I’m proud to promote these three executives who all have a strong track record for building businesses and quickly identifying and taking advantage of emerging industry and customer trends, to the positions they richly deserve,” said Tim Berry, president and founder, Palo Alto Software.

Before joining Palo Alto Software, Sabrina Parsons was the Director of Online Marketing at Commtouch Inc. and later joined as Senior Producer. She is a graduate of Princeton University.

Noah Parsons joined Yahoo! in 1996 as one of its first 101 employees and became Producer of the Yahoo! Employment property as part of the Yahoo! Classifieds team before leaving to become Director of Production at He is also a graduate of Princeton University.

In 2001, Sabrina and Noah moved to London to found a UK software distribution company that later was purchased by and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Palo Alto Software.

Cale Bruckner has been with Palo Alto Software since October of 1995 and has managed product development since 1996. He was Palo Alto Software’s first Internet Marketing Manager, and was named Director of Product Development in 1998. Cale earned a B.S. in marketing and management from the Charles H. Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon in 1996. He is credited with writing the popular JavaNet business plan included with Business Plan Pro.

“This is a great time to be a part of Palo Alto Software. There are a lot of new things on the horizon,” said Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software. “With our new team in place we are excited to bring new software capability to the marketplace. We are especially happy that Tim will be at our side as we embark on a new path for the company.”

Tim Berry’s job as president is also changing. “As Sabrina, Noah and Cale take over the day-to-day running and the long-term strategy of the company,” he said, “I am now going to focus on the business planning and related content in our products and websites, on representing our company in speaking and media opportunities, on writing, on teaching and on being available to help our new executive management team as much as possible in an ongoing advisory capacity.”

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