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Sabrina Parsons is TORN

by mike

If you happen to read our company CEO’s blog (MommyCEO) or follow her on Twitter, you probably already know she is a mom. A very proud and active mom of three very rambunctious boys. Sabrina Parsons writes extensively about the parenting and work mix of being a busy CEO for a small but growing technology company and an active and involved mom, and how she makes it work for her.

She has talked about the hardships of breastfeeding before important meetings, of foregoing a “normal” maternity leave to bring her babies into work with her so that she’s not out of the office for months. She’s also talked extensively about the fallacies out there concerning women in technical-based businesses and, well… women’s issues in general.

Sabrina has a strong voice and strong opinions on the tech business and the role of women, and specifically the role of the working mothers, in it. Which is why I think she’s a perfect fit for contributing a chapter to Samantha Parent Walravens’ new book.

In the book TORN, True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood, Sabrina and a slew of other talented working moms talk about their own trials, tribulations and triumphs in working in both the mommy and corporate world.

Not being a mom myself, I wasn’t sure I would be able to connect with any of the stories in the book. But the great thing about human experience is that, in some sense, we can identify with these working mom’s/stay-at-home mom’s choices. Agree with them or not, you can’t help but start to understand the difficulties and cheer for the triumphs in their lives.

The book is a good, fast read. Actually, it’s perfect for short-burst reading which, if you’re a mom or dad (stay-at-home or otherwise), you’ll appreciate; you can get through an entire chapter pretty quickly. A good read for anyone struggling with coming to terms with any kind of work/life balance.

You can purchase Torn from your local bookstore or online at Amazon (Affiliate link).