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Sales and Marketing Pro Village – Jay Snider

by mike

Making it through the final push to launch Sales and Marketing Pro while in the midst of his annual junk food embargo was no easy feat for Jay Snider, our copywriter and resident word guy. His love of sweets and baked goods is legendary. So imagine him nibbling carrots and celery while the rest of the marketing team was elbows-deep in the goody-drawer. That’s what we call self-control.

While not being able to indulge in his love of candy isn’t fun, he is lucky he can still partake in his secondary food addiction. Jello. We aren’t saying Jay’s fondness for Jello is weird or wrong, we’re just saying it’s very Jay.

But more important than sweets, or Jello, or even the odd informational fact about bacon he occassionaly comes up with, the most important thing in Jay’s life is his family.

Jay spends nearly all of his free time with his wife and two kids. His 15 month old daughter has been calling work lately just to scream “DADDY” into his ear. It’s always amusing to hear Jay’s end of those conversations. And his three (and a half!) year old son has acquired his father’s love of language and weird sense of humor. Nobody’s sure where the little guy got his love of Dolly Parton.

Jay and his son also share a love of tattoos, though as you can see, only one of them is old enough to have permanent ones.

Jay's LegNot Jay's Leg

P.S. Jay says that since Peter got to share a picture of his kitten, Jay should be able to share a photo of his bunny buddy, Bode.