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Sales and Marketing Pro Village – Mike Wheeler, Kevin Heis and Adam Becker

by mike

Our Web Development team is awesome.

People who work in the tech side of websites typically have a certain “type” associated with them. Quiet, geeky, consumers of copious amounts of Mt Dew and jellybeans… you know what I mean.

But here are a few more words that I would include in the list. Hard workers. They have a fantastic ability to focus into a screen of complicated letters and numbers which speak to them in a language that not many people truly understand. Patient. Have you ever tried to explain something you want for a website, something you think is just an “Easy Fix!” and watch as your dev guy’s face turns a shade of panic-white? They know your quick request will most likely have far reaching complications and take more time than five minutes.

Mike Wheeler is our lead in the WebDev group. In addition to everything he does to make all of our websites work and continue to work, Mike is a numbers whiz and interprets our daily Google Analytics data into numbers that help us not only make important decisions about the direction of our website but in our general marketing for the company and products.  Mike also has a huge commitment to fun. As is evident by last Halloween when his entire family went as Superheroes.

Kevin Heis is our Front End Developer. He recently coordinated a refresh of that included moving all of our content into a new content management system. He’s a self described Interactive Media Magician. Kevin also speaks Japanese (no word on if he codes in it as well), and at one time sang Opera. He says he has given up the Opera for the time being, but is keeping up on his Japanese just in case. You can pick Kevin out of the group by the lock of neon green hair he is currently sporting in his hair-do. He says it will remain green until he runs out of green hair dye. What it will turn next is anyones guess.

Adam is our newest team member and while I know him the least of the dev guys, I do know this. He wears awesome t-shirts. He says he generally buys his funny and ironic T’s from Woot. A place I will start to haunt if they are selling such funny bone tickling shirts. Adam is a new father. His 14 month old daughter is, according to Adam, “super awesome”. After seeing a picture I have to agree. Adam was also the Donkey Kong Country Champion at age 10 and is planning on leading our Palo Alto Software kickball team.

When taking on a big project like Sales and Marketing Pro, it sure was vitally important to have a well working Web-Development team working to get everything up and launched on time.