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Sales and Marketing Pro Village – Peter Thorsson

by mike

Peter Thorsson

Meet Peter.

Peter works in our Business Development office. He works on all of the partner relationships and is responsible for the awesome offers and resources we provide in our software.

Peter has been with Palo Alto Software for about a year now. He and his wife came to Oregon from the East coast. NYC to be exact, where he worked at Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, divisions of Viacom. Peter has a wicked wit that keeps the rest of us on the marketing team rolling in laughter. His extensive knowledge of music, culture and literary tomes makes him a shoe in for first pick at our occassional quiz night trivia parties.

So far the only thing we have found issue with is his irrational dislike of eggplant.

He’s also taking a course on how to build a ukulele – which is almost as fascinating as the fact that he is building a classical guitar at home on his kitchen table. Yes, that said build, not learn to play.

Peter would like me to note here that he is building a classical guitar, in the style of Hermann Hauser’s 1937 model, famously played by Andreas Segovia. We are all suitably impressed. When asked who else might be helping him with this amazingly cool hobby, Peter shrugs and says, “A friend.”

The saying “Go Big or Go Home” was most likely coined with Peter in mind.

Peter’s hard work and people skills are a definite plus for our company and were for Sales and Marketing Pro as well.