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Sales and Marketing Pro Village – Sara Prentice Manela

by mike

Teri’s second-in-command on the Documentation Team is Sara Prentice Manela. Sara has an encyclopedic knowledge of all of our software. As help author, she literally wrote the book on it for us.

When not explaining the difference between assets and expenses, or extracting business lessons from hit movies, Sara keeps busy chasing her cats, her 4 year old son, and the local raccoons and possums out of her garden.

And for the record, the cats aren’t in the least impressed with her knowledge about assets and expenses.

While it might sound like writing help articles for software is a fairly easy and straight-forward type of job, it is actually quite complex. Sara’s memory is constantly tested when we have to search out a particular resource or feature that needs to be updated.

We believe this memory is in part why she can name all the Thomas the Train engines, which according to other parents in the office, is no small feat.

Sara won our last Palo Alto Software cook-off with a crazy good Moroccan chicken stew. She says she’s currently working on new recipes in-between editing the latest Sales and Marketing Pro help files. So if you find instructions about what size you should dice your onions in the middle of your social media marketing plan, you’ll know why.