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Small Business Beginnings-

by mike

Duane says he was already familiar with the Palo Alto Software brand before he bought the software. When they went looking for a business planning product they immediately picked up Business Plan Pro. “Or maybe it was because I’m from California and I wanted to buy something that seemed familiar,” he explains. Either way, Duane and Dianalynn both realized the need to write a business plan as the first step of their business.

“We started off with looking through the sample plans, but then began using the other features of the software.” Specifically, they focused on the forecasting.

“When rolling out new products, it’s hard to show accurate forecasting. Business Plan Pro provided a structure to help us set as accurate a forecast as possible, right from the start.”

Duane says he knows that it’s hip right now to look at a business plan as a joke. Something to write once and get rid of, but as he explains, “When you need to go back to the original plan, check your notes on incorporation, financials, etc., you realize the advantage you have with a business plan. It’s a memory keeper!”

Duane uses his first business plan as a way to archive the path they followed from the original idea. Specifically where it shows the decisions made in the development of the product. He continues to go back to where they started to remind them of the focus and genius of the original idea.

If Duane has one thing to say about the importance of business planning that he’d like to pass on, it’s this: Business planning is a serious way of structuring your ideas.

“People are often afraid of the business plan because they are afraid of formalization. Afraid to face the hard facts of business. A plan forces you to think about how you’re going to put structure into your business. It forces you to formalize the process that will get your business off the ground. Rather than shy away, more people should embrace that. You have to face those facts at some point. Why not right at the start?”
Founded: January 2010
Owned by:  Duane Ebesu and Dianalynn Bodero
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