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Small Business Computing reviews Business Plan Pro

by mike

From Wayne Kawamoto’s review of Business Plan Pro for Small Business Computing:

]”In look and feel, BPP resembles tax software — such as Intuit’s TurboTax — on steroids. The wizard asks a series of questions that include: start date, the type of business you are creating, cash versus accrual accounting and lots more, and provides explanations and resources, usually with each step. It effectively walks you through the process of building a plan and even refers you to specific chapters in the enclosed books.

Based on your answers, the wizard recommends a template. Of course, you can customize plans by adding new topics or deleting those that you don’t need. Once you’ve completed the wizard, you can work from the intuitive Plan Outline that displays the structure and topics in your plan and lets you quickly navigate to portions that you wish to work with, as well as add, delete and rename topics.”