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Small Business Story –

by mike

When I first heard the story behind, I was a little stunned. It was the most amazing story I’d ever read of how a company got their funding. To summarize, Duane Ebesu and Dianalynn Bodero were arrested in early September 2004.  “At Grand Central Terminal in New York City, the two activists were caught in a citywide police sweep during the 2004 Republican Convention while advocating for the rights of persons living with AIDS.”  After being arrested, they were detained past the NYC-mandated 24-hour time period before formally being charged. Because of this, they joined a class action suit which eventually awarded them both with enough funds to start a business.

With Duane Ebesu’s background in catering, they quickly focused on a familiar pain-point for party planners and fundraisers: How to allow people to be more sociable during meetings and events while eliminating the cost of table rentals.

From that, the SnackPalette was born.

About the time I was starting to research, I was also getting ready for my Family Reunion. Food being a big part of that party, I volunteered to bring the plates for the big “Cuban Feast” at the pinnacle of the weekend.

I purchased an assorted package of large and medium plates and had them shipped to my mom’s house. Once they arrived, I got a picture text from my brother who said his young son was excited by the arrival of the masks.

All kidding aside, these plates were fantastic for our lunch. The packaging is bright and friendly. The plates themselves are made of a sturdy material able to hold up under a heap of food without any problem at all. Mom had a hard time being convinced to throw them out after the meal and I realize now that she very well could have recycled them for another meal.

The pre-made holes for drinks and fork and fingers were all in helpful and intuitive places. Even for the kids. And they were handy and fun to use. The kids of all ages loved them, even the ones who continued to use them as masks.


Founded: January 2010
Owned by:  Duane Ebesu and Dianalynn Bodero
Description: Snack Palette is a disposable/recyclable plate for picnics, events, festivals, tailgating, office parties or any other activity where you’d need a free hand. Instead of inventing a third hand, we found a way to free up the one you’ve got. Now you can hold a plate, cup, fork and napkin in one hand while using your other hand to warn your favorite cousin away from the smokin’ bean chili, “that you should really try.”