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SMALL BUSINESS TRENDS: Marketing Plan Pro “”

by mike

A Review of Marketing Plan Pro by Ivana Taylor
October 2, 2008

I’m not generally a fan of marketing and business planning software. But when you have Palo Alto Software (still my favorite) and Duct Tape Marketing’s John Jantsch collaborating on marketing plan software, how can any small business owner say “no”?

Marketing Plan Pro also offers many helpful resources to help you actually implement the plan you’re writing at There are links to free market research sources such as Harvard Business Online, Values and Lifestyles Psychographics Segmentation. You can also find marketing calculators. Palo Alto has also formed partnerships with for your logo and design work, Intuit’s Homestead web site development resource, and PresentationPro for PowerPoint templates. So you will have no excuse for not getting started.

Best Points
* Practical and easy to use — This is not your corporate marketing plan. It is intuitive and uses your natural entrepreneurial thinking. This makes it very easy and quick to fill out.
* Has audio guides and examples — I love that John Jantsch does these little introductions as audios – it feels like he’s coaching you through the process. There are also several examples for each section – you can read, get inspired or just copy and edit to change later.
* Resources reduce the risk of procrastination – Love the resources section! This will get you started on creating the business of your dreams.
You can read the full review at the Small Business Trends website.