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Jay Snider

Startup America Partnership offers free tools for young businesses

by Jay Snider

Our mission is to help people succeed in business. That's what Palo Alto Software is all about, and it's why we like to align ourselves with other organizations with the same goals.

Recently we signed on as sponsors of the Startup America Partnership, a non-profit organization that's bringing together some of the country's most successful organizations to provide valuable resources to new and growing companies.

Startups and young businesses can join Startup America at no cost and get access to:

  • Free and discounted tools: Access to over 50 members-only partner Offers from companies like Microsoft, American Express, Dell and Intuit, with more being added weekly.
  • Community membership: The Partnership’s community of high-growth startups connects you with other entrepreneurs to share notes, compare war stories and collaborate.
  • Free publicity: The Partnership highlights firms on its website, promoting guest blog posts from startups, and provides materials for your website and social media efforts.

As part of our involvement with this great organization, we're having a fun, friendly competition with our friend Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends to see who can drive the most businesses to join the Partnership.

The Signup Your Startup Challenge runs until Wednesday, March 7. Use any link to this post to sign up and you'll be voting for Tim “Bplans” Berry and Palo Alto Software. If we win, we get bragging rights. But more importantly, just by signing up, your company wins. It's a true win/win situation, check it out!