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WEBSITEMARKETINGPLAN.COM: “I have to admit it’s a better system than

by mike

I have to say I came into this biased. I do, after all, have my own approach to marketing planning for the small business owner — and who, after all, doesn’t think their own way is best .

After working through the Duct Tape Marketing approach within the Marketing Plan Pro structure, I have to admit it’s a better system than mine.

I believe they have figured out how to better help the average small businessperson more easily grasp basic strategic marketing principals, better understand how to use them in a plan, and how to make ongoing marketing adjustments. (That was not easy for me to say!)

Marketing Plan Pro is the most comprehensive, easy to understand marketing plan method / software combination I have come across. Topic-specific help is always one click away through audio or written help and specific examples. I found it similar in operation to TaxCut. Like the tax return software, this software makes the process painless, allowing you to focus on specifics of the tasks at hand:

* User Friendliness: A+ (Very intuitive to use.)
* Usefulness: A+ (The flexibility to plan at three levels of detail, one-click help at each step, and numerous resources make this an easy-to-use software for those at all levels.)
* Timeliness: A (The software is up-to-date as of September, 2008 on social media and other Web marketing methods, which change often. Other resources within the program will help users stay current as marketing methods evolve.)
* Value: A (This software will return the $180 investment many times.)
* Overall Score: A

If you are looking for guidance through the marketing plan process ― including directions, explanations, specific examples, and a collection of powerful resources ― you will find Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 Powered by Duct Tape Marketing invaluable.

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