Amusement Park Business Plan

The amusement park sample business plan states that I&B Investments aim to set up the Wasatch Family Fun Center, which provides an environment of entertainment and year-round activities for the community in the Northern Wasatch Front. The center will target primarily on parents and young children, followed by teenagers. In order to become a profitable and promising company, I&B Investments will carry out capitalization efforts and seek funding from the Government Redevelopment Agency to sustain the continual cash flow for the development of the proposed sites. With careful planning in the amusement park business plan, the center is sure to succeed in becoming one of the top recreational amusement park. Its keys to success include providing wide-range entertainment facilities, maximum public exposure and ample and secure parking. I&B Investments project a minimum annual growth of 5% of the center.

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Amusement Park Business Plan

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