Cell Phones Retailer Business Plan

Garbles Cellular Phones has a start-up cell phones retailer business plan. The company began as a small business under Mr. Seramed Garbles in the East Atlantic Island Archipelago (EAIA), and is now expanding into the U.S. Garbles Cellular Phones has a cell phones retailer sample business plan that will target the following markets: specialty business users, general business users, and personal users. The company will concentrate on selling Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) cellular phones and related products. Its mission statement includes providing excellent customer service and superb products to the residents of the Niceburg Metro area. Garbles Cellular will help ts clients to select the products and services best suited to their needs. The company's staff will maintain good relationships with area product suppliers and thus be able to provide customers with the latest in cell phone technology.

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Cell Phones Retailer Business Plan

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