Training Videos

We take pride in designing software products that are easy to use. The built-in instructions, examples, and sample plans in Business Plan Pro and Marketing Plan Pro provide guidance every step of the way. To accelerate the learning process or dig into more advanced features, we offer these additional training resources.  

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Business Plan Pro Tutorials


How to: Changing Currency (0:40)

Tim Berry explains how to change the currency symbol used for your plan. We used Business Plan Pro 12 for this demonstration but the steps apply to all of our software.


Business Plan Pro Tour - Introduction (4:38)

In Business Plan Pro 11 Tour, 5 videos

This video, which narrated by founder and president of Palo Alto Software, Tim Berry, introduces the Business Plan Pro tour series of videos and covers the Start a Plan screen and Plan Setup menu in the software.

Marketing Plan Pro Tutorials


Marketing Plan Pro 11 Orientation - Welcome (1:55)

In Marketing Plan Pro Orientation, 8 videos - This session covers your initial plan setup, built-in help and guidance, financial forecasting, formatting, and publishing your plan (printing & exporting).

Email Center Pro Tutorials


Email Center Pro - Feature Tour Intro (0:52)

In Email Center Pro Feature Tour, 9 videos - Email Center Pro makes it easy to manage customer email sent to your info@, sales@, or help@ addresses. Save time, increase your customer satisfaction, and lower your operating costs.