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and i'd like you then to take a look at what we do with tables

each table has a wizard that helps you get through it. so here's the start-up and i'm not going to take you all the way through this but i do want you to see a couple things

first of all if i go here you'll see how there are different colors for the cells. notice total startup cell expenses here is a thousand well i'm gonna turn my legal from five hundred to seven fifty and as i press enter notice this one changes automatically as i press enter here however i can't just type and change it there's a message that comes up automatically

i want you to realize that the tables are built to help you do this right you don't want to change here without changing the components cuz that would be nonsense if you want to go back to a thousand i'll just there you go that's an important thing in tables notice also down here in tables how each row is explained as you're working with tables our goal is to empower you to do this business plan well

believe me you can do this you don't need mba or cpa to do this you need to go through and let us tell you what each thing is fill in your assumptions and you will have in the end a business plan that flows through the financials the way financial analysts and bankers and investors expect to see them the financial terms and the way the numbers come together are going to be explained so you had row by row help down here