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you still have your instructions up here so you can get instructions and that will lead you to the help if i press f_ one right now i'm going to go straight to the help in the start-up table what opens up is context sensitive help specific to the start-up table there are five hundred some pages of help and i don't want that to sound off putting it's not that that's so hard it's that we've been working so that every possible way you ask a question you'll be able to find the answers so notice here the help goes through in different things advanced features tables print and publish create your plan let's look at your tables one by one talks about each table working with tables and while i'm here i'd like to point out one of my favorite topics because of the graphic here and i'll make sure you can see this graphic work with the help experiment with the help use the search you'll find that we are in fact trying to empower you to put the financials in terms that financial analysts want and we'll explain those terms use the help it's there to help you you also have help here so you can get contents for help right there when you open up the help notice that within help we have a search as well so if i'm looking at something like boy what happens to my inventory for example I'm worried about that I can do a keyword search in help and find that there's all kinds of examples and instructions in the help you want to know that business plan pro is there to help you end we're not compromising with the quality of your business plan what we're doing is explaining to you so you can do it yourself and do it well i haven't shown you yet this feature of help which is the how do i and for example i want to print the plan this is going to open for me the help on how i print the plan you'll find throughout this software over and over a lot of what we're doing is helping you with the step-by-step tasks that you're going to want for getting your business plan done and then working with and managing your business plan as an ongoing management tool so finally i'm going to show you one final sequence of our introduction and welcome is this resources making sure that you know that aside from what i've already shown u you have the getting started guide you have hurdled the book on business planning my book just click here and you'll get the hurdle book so that's perhaps my personal favorite because i wrote it but among the more useful we have this is the movie that we're talking about then we have our online tutorials online seminars these are scheduled regularly there is two a month and you have your technical support answering the phone eight hours a day frequently asked questions online support articles make this your tool to develop and implement your business plan we want you to be successful