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which brings you to your welcome screen your home screen if it were in business plan pro from here you're are really looking at the task by task list and the outline list of the order that the plan prints and you're looking at different options remember resources there's information in there that can be very helpful to you sample plans plan review outline reports and i won't go through all the details here but let's just go ahead and start

we're going to go here and notice that next task has been blinking at us as i've gone through this welcome let's finally click on it so that we can see now we're in a task by task orientation of how you do your business plan so you see we start here at concept kick-start which is explained in this area and you'll be able to read it at your leisure and then we'll go here to the very first task which is setting up your objectives

and i'd like to pause a minute with this view so you see some of the standard operating in business plan pro i've clicked here in what i'm with my mouse highlighting which i call the action window this is where you type and i'm just gonna type something

you have two navigation options on your left is step-by-step through the business plan from the first task to the last task as if this were a tax wizard or something it will take you all the way through the procedure over here on your right in the standard window you have the outline because what goes on is the order that a business plan prints is usually quite different from the order in which you complete a business plan and i'll get to that in a minute but first let me show you that here unless you choose to hide them which i won't you always have instructions and examples so you can work with the different topics or tables that come up in the action windows and you've got instructions you've got example so you're guided just take it one step at a time the mission of business plan pro is to take you through this developing your own business plan your own words your own numbers and letting we and in many cases with the wizard me guide you through what's needed at this particular point so i said i would explain this two different strategies of navigation and the best way for me to do that is to show you that when i click here executive summary is clearly the first topic that prints in a business plan so it's right up at the top of the outline but over here in the tasks it's way down in the bottom because it's the last topic that you're going to write or close to the last and you'll see that the instructions are the same it's the same set of instructions examples they're in different places because one way of going is task by ask and another way of doing is right in the order that it will print another thing i want to show you before we leave here is this is your business plan it's not the software's it's not mine it's yours which means that a lot of these topics that are showing here are suggested by me and by the rest of the team as important parts of a business plan in many cases but the fact that they're there doesn't mean that there is some metaphysical mystical reason why you have to complete this if any topic and i'll show you one that perhaps is among the easiest to dispense with is let's look at development requirements you might not need that particular topic don't forget and even here in our welcoming session that this is your plan i'm going to click the mouse i'm right clicking the mouse i'm going to just delete that topic and remove it remember you can change the outline you can add topics and you can delete topics this is your plan let me though go back to where we started we'll go back to here in the beginning we'll go back to objectives where i started typing because i'd like to show you that if you're one of the people who i am one myself who likes to write over something that's already there i'd want you to see that with these different examples you can paste them into the topic so here i've got something that gives me something from somebody else's plan but if that's easier for you than just starting with a blank page then you can go in and modify or i'd also like to show you that the full screen if you want to just focus on your words rather than have all the instructions and examples at all time you can go in with the full screen and then you can go back and you can show your instructions and examples so you have pretty much this will work mode as you flow-through business plan pro going from task to task or if you prefer remember you've got this i might wanna go and i'm thinking about gee am i an llc or am i a corporation or whatever so i put something in here the tool is designed to facilitate you jumping from one thing to the other because that's the way we think and that's the way we work so don't feel that you have to go task by task you could actually go to gee i just had an idea right now of what my strengths might be so remember make it yours this is your plan we've got a tool and it's about you facilitating you doing your business plan