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I did say I was going to explain the difference between the task list and the outline when I mentioned it earlier. You can have both turned on at the same time or turn one on and leave the other one off; whichever way you want to. The big difference between the task list and the outline in the software is that the task list guides you through the plan from start to finish from a planner's perspective, from the planner's point of view. So this is going to walk you through the entire marketing plan from start to finish and what we determine as being the best order of completing all the different items, while really %% determines the order of completing all the items here but it walks you through a logical progression of filling in all the data for your marketing plan in a logical order from a writer's perspective. The outline on the other hand is the way that the program is going to print the marketing plan and there is a difference between a reader's point-of-view and a writer's point-of-view with any marketing plan. So the order in the outline here is probably a little bit different than the order that you are going to see in the task list. The marketing vision topics are probably going to be a good demonstration of the differences between the orders here. The marketing vision is going to describe your document. It's going to describe the document and the marking plan gives the reader a good idea what they're about to read about the business and the marketing plan for that business. So it's one of the first things that we want to print out when we print the outline of your marketing plan. However it's hard to describe a document we haven't written yet, so it's one of the last things all the way at the bottom of the task list that we have the actually fill in as you're following the task list. So that's a good demonstration. The difference between a reader's and a planner's perspective but you can fill in and jump around however you want to whatever you're comfortable with. So you could be working in the actual task list on the left-hand side of the program, start with your core strategy, fill in this information that might get you thinking about something about your marketing materials and you might want to jump down to this section and fill in marketing materials information. And that might get you thinking about your remarkable difference again have you jump back up here and fill in some information in your remarkable difference. So you can feel free to jump around. The task list just takes you through in a recommended order of completion but you're not locked into. The same thing goes with the outline if you don't want to be lead through the actual marketing plan you can turn off the task list turn on the outline and just jump around by pointing and clicking on the outline filling in information and then jumping to the next section in the outline or however you want to fill it in. You don't have to follow our order. It's just the order we recommend but use whatever is most comfortable for you. Then the other way of moving around in the program is to use the drop down list at the top of your topics or the view drop down list at the top of the program. So we can click view and then choose whether we want to go to a table a chart or a topic and select it from the list and then it will take us to that table chart or topic. So if I wanted to look at my sales chart I could click sales monthly. It's going to take me to the chart that deals with the data that I just put into my sales forecast. I can look at all the information in a visual representation of that forecasting I did when I’m looking at any chart. If I’m not sure where that data's coming from I can read the instructions and the very first line will tell me where that data is coming from. If we happen to go to one of the milestones tables and we didn't know where the milestones data was coming from we can look at the instructions and it'll tell me to go right to the milestones table. So that's just a couple of quick notes about charts. I’ll cover customizing charts and customizing the way that the plan prints out in the afternoon session as well as what to do with stuff that's in the plan that you don't need when you're done completing the information. If you see anything in there like the media list and you don't really have a media list so you don't need it or something along those lines if you have anything in the actual plan that you decide that you don't need in your document, I’ll show you how to deal with those items and remove them and customize that outline for your own specific use. It looks like it's about ten forty five so I talked a little bit long but I want to pause and see if there any quick questions I can answer before we move on.