Using Business Plan Pro at the University of Teesside

The number of Universities in the UK & Europe using our software continues to grow. The following case study gives a flavour as to how Business Plan Pro is used in one University in the U.K.

Teeside UniversityThe University of Teesside is one of many universities in the UK that are providing postgraduate courses of study which include enterprise and business elements. To help support and meet course requirements, they have employed Palo Alto Software Ltd's Business Plan Pro® UK software. Since the end of 2005, both students and course administrators / lecturers have experienced the benefits of using a structured software framework such as that offered by Business Plan Pro. Business Plan Pro, with its linked financial spreadsheets, customisable topic outlines and automatic colour chart generation, walks student users through the entire business planning process helping them to generate a complete, professional, business plan while also helping them to learn along the way.

Pete Dwyer, from the School of Computing at the University of Teesside, was looking for a tool to support the newly validated Masters Programme, in particular the Web Enterprise course with its emphasis on online commerce. This course focuses on creating new business ventures that utilise websites and Web technology. Students develop a business idea and produce a commercially plausible business plan or proposition. After searching the Internet and scrutinising a number of different business plan software products, Pete decided to purchase copies of Business Plan Pro for use in one of their courses.

Students find that Business Plan Pro's database of sample business plans, its ease of use, and its structured approach helps them complete the requirements of the Web Enterprise module. It also provides an excellent range of online resources and links to Palo Alto Software's business resource site, Business Plan Pro is also used in conjunction with the University's business incubator units. These units have helped to nurture 70+ graduate-run businesses on its campus, as well as helping community businesses get off the ground by providing a wide range of support, advice and guidance.

When asked if the university would recommend Business Plan Pro to other higher education establishments, Pete Dwyer replied, "Without exception. It is an easy-to-use software package with strong supporting resources, and covers all of the necessary components of a well-developed business plan."