Hardware Requirements

Business Plan Pro, Sales and Marketing Pro, and Marketing Plan Pro are designed to run on any reasonably up-to-date Windows PC. See the official system requirements below for hardware specifications.

Requirements for Business Plan Pro and Sales and Marketing Pro

Versions covered: Business Plan Pro 15th Anniversary Edition, Version 11.0, and 2007; Sales and Marketing Pro; Marketing Plan Pro powered by Duct Tape Marketing and Version 9.0

Computer: IBM-compatible Pentium or higher (either 32 bit or 64 bit is fine)

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7*, Vista, XP Service Pack 3, or 2000 Service Pack 4

  • Only Business Plan Pro 15th Anniversary Edition, Sales and Marketing Pro, and Marketing Plan Pro powered by Duct Tape Marketing are certified for Windows 7, though the other versions also work in Windows 7 without major problems
  • No Mac OS or Linux support

Memory: Same RAM requirements as the operating system

Hard disk space: Typically 100 MB of free space. The downloadable instaler is roughly 50 MB.

Monitor: Minimum SVGA (800x600) with 256 colours (1024x768 with 16-bit color or higher recommended)

CD-ROM drive: A CD-ROM or DVD drive is required to instal the software from the CD. Alternatively, the instaler can be downloaded from our website and instaled without an optical drive.

Internet connection: An Internet connection is required if you want to use the product's optional Internet-enabled features.

Printer: Any printer supported by the above operating systems.

See Business Plan Pro's licence agreement

Looking for Business Plan Pro for Mac?

Check out LivePlan. We haven't offered a dedicated Mac version of Business Plan Pro for years, but LivePlan takes all the help, guidance, and years of business planning expertise you'll find in Business Plan Pro and provides it in a web-based application. It's perfect for Mac users, people with both Macs and PCs, and anyone who needs to work on their business plan from a variety of locations or computers.