Email Center Pro - Internal Notes Feature

Duration 0:49

Description - Add internal notes to an email conversation for easy reference for yourself or your colleagues. You can even add instructions for follow-up and reassign the email to a co-worker to handle. Add text formatting and hyperlinks in your notes for emphasis. Notes are always private and never shared with your customers.


Collaborative Notes

Using internal notes allows you to add instructions thoughts or insight to messages for yourself or your colleagues.

A handy use of the future is to add information to a message and then reassign it to a coworker for follow-up. This improves the speed and overall accuracy of the email coming out of your office by eliminating the need for any one employee to guess or assume about a fact or figure.

It's collaboration and teamwork without ever leaving your desk. You can format the notes with html or hyperlinks if you wish and you can rest assured that notes are always private and never exposed to the customer.