Email Center Pro - Safety and Security Features

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Description - Email Center Pro provides integrated filters to keep your email safe from virus threats and time-wasting spam. Email Center Pro is password protected and encrypted to ensure your security †it uses the Amazon Web Services infrastructure for the same level of security as the store. And, since Email Center Pro is a web-based solution, you'll experience no impact on your IT department while staying constantly up to date with the latest safety solution.


Safe and secure.  You've got enough to worry about that's why email centre pro takes the worry out of protecting your messaging system.

Using integrated philtres email centre pro keeps your email safe from virus threats and time wasting spam.  In fact if you have a basic account or above you can control the level of spam filtration at the administrative level by clicking account and then clicking on the account tab. 

And because email centre pro is a web based service neither you nor your IT department will be troubled with the system and safety updates. It will all happen seamlessly.