Email Center Pro - Saved Searches

Duration 1:05

Description - Set up Saved Searches to personalize Email Center Pro and quickly find the email that matters to YOU! Just set up simple rules for the types of emails you want to see, and let your Saved Searches organize them for you. You can even get alerts whenever a new email meets the criteria you specified in your Saved Search.


Saved searches

personalising email centre pro is never easier than when you're using saved searches.  This handy tool allows you to use a simple set of rules to get a look at the messages that matter most to you. 

If you're tired of looking through your entire inbox for email that fit a certain criteria then saved search is the answer you've been looking for. 

You can either build the search by clicking on new search in the saved searches widget on your dashboard or you can build the search organically by typing in a word or phrase into the global search bar on your inbox page. 

The system provides over fifteen unique rules for defining your search and you can select as many as you'd like in order to refine your search as you see fit. 

As an added bonus you can also set yourself an alert so that you're notified every time a message meeting your criteria is received.