But let's go and as part of our welcome I would like to show you the sample plans and our sample plan browser now as I do I want to caution you these are real plans that were done by real people in real places back in the past the idea here isn't that you somehow pick up a plan and there you have a finished business plan no these are to generate your thinking to help you see what somebody else did so you see what's included you can actually open a sample plan and edit it and make that your own but don't ever think that you have to the ideal business plan starts at zero this is a help for you and remember since they are real plans from real people and real places well they're not like packaged market researcher packet strategies there is not the assumption that these plans then our standard recipes for doing your business these are just examples

But let's look let's go through the sample plan browser hypothetically i'm a graphic artist i wanna see will this business plan pro have anything for that and i'm just gonna click and see and here i have three of them now i happen to like metolius agency because i do know the man who actually wrote and lived that business plan so i'm going to click on that one and you'll see in business plan pro how clicking on it then opens a view of the plan that you can use to inspect it and see what it would look like when it's finished

we have some limitations in size of screen for this welcome but you'll be pretty much able to look through pages here and see what the metolius business plan included and why and this is actually a real business plan that was used to create this graphic artist business in rural oregon so i'm going to also show you that you can open this plan and then i'll go here and open it so here we are back in the initial screen we've opened the metolius business plan and be careful with this 'cause it was a sample plan all its data and strategy in personnel are actually taken from a rural town in oregon in two thousand one when this real plan was built

so i'm going to go back to plan set-up and because if nothing else i want to make sure that you realise that you're going to have to go back with a sample plan and notice january of two thousand one isn't it for this sample plan that doesn't help us that much and then we'll close the rest of it