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We Believe Black Lives Matter

We believe that Black Lives Matter. We join with those who call out the name of George Floyd in sorrow and anger against the systemic racism that pervades our land. We stand in solidarity with African Americans and people of color. We also call on businesses and organizations to work with government and civil society to address racism and support antiracist policies. We know that we have work to do.

As a company based in the USA, being part of the change this country needs is important to us. Entrepreneurship and small businesses are part of the American dream. That dream will never be realized for all Americans until we all help achieve social justice. Part of the American dream is to be free of fear and know that everyone is truly equally respected. We need to address the core inequalities in our society. Palo Alto Software remains deeply committed to an American dream that includes social justice and fights against systemic racism.

Through our employee activism and our Palo Alto Software Charitable Fund we will encourage our community to learn more about social justice, systemic racism and voter-turnout groups. We will continue engaging with our partners and grantees in communities of color to learn how we can best support them. We are committing to not only being more aware of racism and social injustice all around us but actively doing something about it. We will also work to increase the equity, diversity and inclusion within our company by expanding our educating and recruiting practices.

Nonviolent activism pushes progress. We have work to do.