LivePlan Improves KPI Tracking, Updates Scoreboard Design

Eugene, OR


LivePlan, a cloud-based business planning and small business management tool created by Palo Alto Software, launched an update today that includes a design revamp aimed to help small businesses better track and manage their financials.

The updates primarily impact the tool’s Scoreboard feature, which is a dashboard that gives business owners a better way to monitor their business and understand quickly where they are on track, and where they need to improve. The Scoreboard’s update includes additional KPI tracking options and better graphs and charts that make finding and visualizing your key numbers easier.

“It is proven that business owners who plan and track their financials regularly grow thirty percent faster,” said Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software. “But, sometimes it can be difficult to understand key insights into your business when you’re searching through endless spreadsheets exported from your accounting system. The Scoreboard connects to your accounting system and automatically highlights the most important information you need in the form of a simple, instant, visual presentation.”

Integrated with QuickBooks (both Desktop and Online) and Xero, LivePlan’s Scoreboard feature instantly and automatically makes sense of your accounting data and tracks key metrics like revenue, expenses, net profit and cash on hand. With this new update, the Scoreboard now tracks eighteen key numbers that are critical to understanding your business’ health and digs deeper into each KPI, breaking them down on a much more granular level.

“While it is important to track crucial data points like revenue and expenses, digging deeper into your business’ financial health can make or break your future,” said Parsons. “Tracking key financial data points is the best way to ensure that your business is on track and stays cash healthy. The LivePlan Scoreboard monitors all important metrics and allows you to spot problem areas before they become big cash problems.”

The update also allows users to customize the type of charts they prefer to view and which period of time from which they would like to see data.

The update is now available for all LivePlan users. The tool currently has over 250,000 users worldwide, comprised of both early-stage startups and well-established businesses. Additionally, accountants are increasingly turning to LivePlan as a way to advise small business clients and help guide them to healthy financial growth, while maintaining a good cash cushion.
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