Sabrina Parsons to Keynote Cloud Summit 2014

Eugene, Oregon

Palo Alto Software CEO, Sabrina Parsons, will give a keynote presentation about the benefits of cloud-based software for small businesses at the annual Cloud Summit conference this week in San Diego.

As the founder of several software startups during the 2000s, and the catalyst behind Palo Alto Software’s transition to the cloud in 2007, Parsons is a leading expert on cloud-based tools for small businesses.

“Transitioning to the cloud can be difficult for well-established businesses that are resistant to change, but once a business can get past the initial hurdles the long term benefits are endless,” Parsons said. “I’m really excited to share my experiences and offer advice for accountants looking to adopt cloud-based tools for themselves and their clients at the conference this week.”

Accountants are finding LivePlan a valuable tool for helping them grow their own practices by providing additional strategic advising services to their clients. As noted by one accountant using LivePlan with his clients: “I think [LivePlan] is the best tool I've seen for delivering KPI metrics. Outstanding interface - just beautiful,” said Edwin R. Monteiro, CPA and Owner of Axis CPA Group.

The Cloud Summit takes place September 17-19, and is geared towards professional practices and small businesses and will feature several notable keynotes and one-on-one training and educational sessions. Other experts invited to speak include, Joe Woodard, CEO and Co-founder of the Woodard Consulting Group, Doug Sleeter, President of the Sleeter Group, and Jim McGinnis, Leader of the Accountant and Advisor Group at Intuit.

In addition to her keynote, Parsons will also host a one-on-one session featuring Palo Alto Software’s flagship product, LivePlan to highlight the benefits of financial planning and tracking in the cloud for small businesses.

“LivePlan is a cloud-based tool that really makes it easy to visualize financial information and constantly track key performance indicators at any time and place,” said Parsons. “Accounting data alone isn’t enough for small businesses anymore, It’s crucial to have an understanding of what your business data means so you can recognize when something is off and quickly adjust.”

Parsons’ keynote will take place at 2:00 p.m. PDT on Friday, September 19. Her accounting focused breakout session will take place earlier Friday morning at 11:00 a.m.