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Try it risk-free with our 60-day 100% refund guarantee

Try it risk-free with our 60-day 100% refund guarantee
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Premier Edition

$199.95 $159.95

Premier is perfect for you if:

  • You want all the features of Standard, plus:
  • You're seeking outside funding
  • You'll use your plan to manage your business
  • You want more advanced financial options

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Desktop Edition

Standard Edition


Get Standard if:

  • You need a complete business plan
  • You want basic financial projections
  • You're planning for friends and family financing

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Takes the guesswork out. Takes the guesswork out
Tried and true software. Tried and true software
One of the best planning tools! One of the best planning tools!
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500+ sample plans — View, open, and edit more than 500 sample business plans. With so many business types are included, you're sure to find one that matches your business.

Easy financial forecasting — Whatever level of detail you need, you get every spreadsheet you'll need to put together a comprehensive plan.

Industry profiles — Use real data from other businesses in your industry to support your plan. Over 9,000 industry profiles are included to help you do your projections and show that you understand your competition.

Over $300 in extras — In addition to all the valuable guidance that is built in, you get tons of extra value like a free magazine subscription, two free ebooks, and more.

Beefed-up funding tools — Attract investors by showing them the information they really want to see. Additional tables and topics, including investment offering, valuation, and use of funds, make your plan investor-ready.

Import from ExcelSave time and effort. Spreadsheets you already have integrate seamlessly into your business plan.

Management Dashboard — Use your plan to manage your business better, with plan versus actual analysis and the Management Dashboard tool. Get a visual overview of how your plan is living up to your real-world results.

Visualize your cash flowSee how your cash is flowing in and out of your business and how it affects other areas of your plan using the easy-to-understand Visual Cash Pilot.

Try it risk-free with our 60-day 100% refund guarantee

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$199.95 $159.95

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