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“I had this 'aha!' moment and I wanted to bring my idea to reality. Business Plan Pro definitely helped me organize my thoughts into a well-written plan which continues to serve me to this day.” Philip Amoa, Legal Summer

During his second year of law school at University of Illinois, Philip Amoa began the process of searching for internships. He found the research stressful -- he had to locate law firms in specific geographic markets, personalize application documents, and meet important application deadlines, all while trying to prepare for classes the next day. A joking suggestion from a friend to hire a personal assistant planted the seed in his mind to create some way to make the process easier, and a short time later, Amoa launched

Legal Summer combines the use of proprietary technology and an extensive database of law firms to provide the services of a personal assistant to law students who are looking to further their careers, but who have limited time to devote to the search. It helps law students identify possible job/internship opportunities based on location, and gives students the ability to email their customized cover letters and resumes with a single mouse click.

Amoa considers himself a "situational entrepreneur," and says, "When I started law school and began applying for internships, I realized the process was time-consuming and that was the point I started to think of ways to make the process easier. Time and chance happen to us all, and once the opportunity came knocking to start my own business, I had to seize the day by following my passion."

He admits that starting a business while attending classes at the University of Illinois College of Law was not easy. But, he says "I was able to overcome the challenge with the help of Business Plan Pro. I had this 'aha!' moment and I wanted to bring my idea to reality. Business Plan Pro definitely helped me organize my thoughts into a well-written plan which continues to serve me to this day."

The business got off the ground without a business plan in place, but it wasn't long before he saw the need for one. "I decided to just plan as I went along but soon realized that a business plan was essential to the success of my business," saidAmoa. "I had a lot of ideas and was full of passion, and the plan actually helped me to keep a steady pace instead of the 'trying to see what works' approach."

Fortunately he was no stranger to business plans. As an undergraduate Business Administration major, Philip had learned all about the plan-writing process. "But the main difference in using Business Plan Pro was that Business Plan Pro had some really helpful formats and tools. The software prompted me to consider things I hadn't thought about. It was also easy to arrange my ideas in a coherent fashion."

Legal is continuing to grow. Currently they have started expanding to law schools across the country, giving law students "a fast, effective means of researching and applying for internships/jobs. We have an application tool that saves them a lot of time and we will try to reach as many students as possible."

For Amoa, who worked for a large corporation prior to starting law school and then becoming an entrepreneur, there is a great deal of satisfaction that comes with owning his own business. "The most exciting part about being an entrepreneur is taking an intangible idea or thought and nurturing it until it becomes a reality. I enjoy the art of putting together a team of skilled people and convincing them that they can bring this intangible idea to life."

When he graduates from law school later this year, Amoa will have quite a choice of careers to pursue. And future lawyers will have him to thank for making their career stepping stones a little easier to navigate.

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