Meet some of our successful customers from all around the world.

Incredibly easy to use, yet powerful tool

"I have used Business Plan Pro to get my business started off right, pitch to investors and to design a 3 year plan for my company. It is an incredibly easy to use, yet powerful tool. I would recommend it to everyone writing a business plan."

Kelly Chaney, Puppy Cake
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Like getting an MBA

"The process forced a rigor into both the breadth and depth of our thinking about the business. The education we got as a result of using Business Plan Pro feels like it would be an MBA."

Christine Crowley Peters, Peter’s Path
Snellville, Georgia

Helped win a national business plan competition

"LivePlan is awesome. I love what you guys are doing. You actually helped my startup win a national business plan competition! I've created a business plan by scratch on my own before and I was able to GREATLY reduce the time it took me to complete it using LivePlan."

Sulaiman Sanni, WeDidit, Inc
New York, New York

A truly living document

"I truly believe a business plan is never done. It's a living document that you have to incorporate, every day, into your business. It makes it a lot easier using software like this."

Jim Glasgow, Sick Gear
Chicago, Illinosis

It made it easy

"We used the program as a step-by-step tool to guide us through the entire process. It made it easy; you're not just pulling things out of thin air."

Sarah Lanphier, Nuts About Granola
York, Pennsylvania

Helped me think systematically

"It helped me think systematically throughout the process and see the areas which I may not have otherwise realized."

Njoroge Kabugu, Kijiji Republic
Shrewsberry, Massachusetts

Absolutely fantastic product

"Absolutely fantastic product. The scary thing about writing any business plan is where to start. This maps out the process for you in a very simple way and gives you loads of examples from different industries when you get stuck. There are also loads of helpful resources on what you need to know about starting up a business, I highly recommend this product."

Gavin O'DriscollCork, Ireland

Congratulations on such excellence

"I just have to mention that I am more impressed each time I deal with your company. Not only is your product superb but the service I have received from your company has been outstanding. Congratulations on such excellence and I will be a fan forever. This is not to mention that your business plans has helped me raise more than R29 million in venture capital."

Robert CouttsJohannesburg, South Africa

Best business plan for years

"Last week I submitted a plan for a client using Business Plan to a bank ( St George Bank in Sydney). The feedback to the client was that it was the best business plan which has been submitted to this bank for years. Thank you!"

Tom GuthSydney, Australia

Major part in me getting an unsecured loan

"Business Plan Pro was definitely a major part in me getting an unsecured loan for the business. The bank said it was one of the most professional business plans they had seen."

Declan O'TooleLondon, United Kingdom

Business Plan Pro helped us

"Business Plan Pro helped us focus on what we needed for our business. It showed us how to put the components together, and how to not do what we don't need to do."

Gary H WoolvertonMcKinney, Texas, United States

Keeps us on our path

"We used Palo Alto Software for our business plan. We have funded our growth organically but having a business plan keeps us on our path. We revise the plan at least annually."

Evalyn SheaHouston, Texas, United States

Completely prepared when approaching the banks

"We got a real insight from using Business Plan Pro. It helped us to be completely prepared when approaching the banks for assistance."

Martin WilliamsWales, United Kingdom

Really simply

"Like it a lot, lays thing out really simply and probably reduces the time it takes to do a plan by 500%."

Michael NeedhamLondon, United Kingdom

Increased my confidence

"I've used previous versions of your products. Besides the guidance they provided, they educated me a lot and increased my confidence."

Itumeleng LenakeRoodepoort, South Africa

Great assistance

"Thank you so much for this opportunity which is giving me great assistance in getting a business up and started."

Sandra VannoordtBundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Set our sales and marketing goals and projections

"Business Plan Pro allowed us the opportunity to make a great presentation for our investors, as well as helping us set our sales and marketing goals and projections. It also helped us to really sit down and understand every aspect of our business and how it affects the bottom line."

Linda AsakawaSan Diego, California, United States

Business Plan Pro was an essential tool

"Business Plan Pro was an essential tool during the strategic planning stage of our start-up. The profit and loss helped us focus our resources on the most profitable channels, and the sales forecasts were useful in keeping us on track."

Steve SeltzerSherman, Connecticut, United States

Your software was invaluable

"With it being my first time writing a business plan, your software was invaluable in me organizing my information and giving me a true picture of what the business would like financially."

Rick EmersonEden Prairie, Minnesota, United States

$100,000 investment

"Four years ago, I used your software to write my first-ever Business Plan that resulted in an initial Angel Investment of $30,000. TODAY, I'm using your software to secure a $100,000 "pure technology" investment..."

David LeopoldCincinnati, Ohio, United States