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  • A standardized business plan format that makes it easier
    for judges to evaluate plans.
  • An infographic-style pitch page for quickly developing and
    reviewing business models.
  • An educational webinar on effective pitching and planning.
  • Competition promotion on our websites.
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University of Notre Dame, Business and Entrepreneurship Center, Duke University, Rice, University of Oregon

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"Partnering with LivePlan was critical to the success of our business plan competition. We wanted to kick off the first statewide business plan competition with a bang, and that's not a small task. From the webinars for our competitors, to the press releases and campaigns, Palo Alto Software took care of it all.”

- Mike R., California Business & Entrepreneurship Center

BEC Boost - Case Study

As the first-ever California business plan competition, the “BEC Boost” was a $15,000 business plan competition for youth ages 14 and older created by Mike Roessler, the statewide director for the California Business & Entrepreneurship Center (BEC) program. Roessler hosted this statewide competition with Palo Alto Software, the world’s leader in business planning software. Submissions were made using LivePlan, Palo Alto Software’s business planning tool. LivePlan is hosted in the cloud, so users were able to access their business plan from anywhere with an internet connection. LivePlan also helped users implement their plan and track their plan’s results by setting and tracking milestones, as well as integrating their financial forecasts with their actual data from QuickBooks Online; keeping the business plan alive and helping business owners become more successful.

More than 500 entrants in
3 competing tracks:

  • 14-17 yrs old
  • 18-27 yrs old
  • 28 yrs +

$15,000 total cash prizes $35,000 total in-kind prizes

  • Pitch page
  • Website
  • Investor ready business plans
  • Promotional video
  • Webinar series
  • and more!