Business Plan Pro Standard Academic

Business Plan Pro Standard Academic

About Business Plan Pro Standard Academic

Business plan software for educational use

Business Plan Pro Academic Edition is the most popular business plan software in academia, used and respected at thousands of colleges and universities around the world. It allows instructors to focus on teaching business planning and students to focus on writing their business plans.

Textbook integration

Prentice Hall bundles Business Plan Pro with several of its top textbooks on entrepreneurship and management, including:

  • Barringer, Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures (2nd Edition)
  • Barringer, Preparing Effective Business Plans: An Entrepreneurial Approach (1st Edition)
  • Scarborough, Zimmerer, and Wilson, Effective Small Business Management (9th Edition)
  • Robbins and Coulter, Management (9th Edition)
  • Wheelen and Hunger, Strategic Management and Business Policy (11th Edition)

60+ sample plans included

Get inspired with examples of complete business plans. Each sample plan can be edited directly in Business Plan Pro and used to jump-start your own plan. Instructors can easily manage student plans with the streamlined sample plans included in the Academic Edition.

Why choose Business Plan Pro?

The academic edition of our business plan software makes it easy to teach and learn business planning.

  • Easy step-by-step process
  • 68 sample plans for guidance
  • Complete, integrated financials
  • Real-world forecasting tools