How to Start a Staffing Service

How to Start a Staffing Service

About How to Start a Staffing Service

How to Start a Staffing Service

Want to start a staffing service? Our startup guide will provide you with a clear roadmap to success. Available with or without our award-winning business plan software, the Staffing Service Startup Guide will put you on the fast track to small business success!

In today’s competitive business market, many companies are turning to staffing services to help them find qualified temporary and permanent employees. As a result, staffing services have become a $61.8 billion a year industry. Our guide shows you how to carve off a piece of this lucrative market for yourself.

The new world economy is tough on job security. Hordes of skilled, experienced, motivated workers are flooding the market, looking for work. And lots of merged and downsized companies now outsource the work that used to be done by permanent employees. The bright side? It’s prime time for the staffing professional.

Staffing services not only help businesses by finding great workers for them but also by taking care of payroll, government regulations, insurance and more. If you think you'd enjoy playing matchmaker between companies and prospective employees, you need this guide. It’s packed with tips, advice and information to help ensure your success, including:

  • Facilities staffing—placing employees in long-term or indefinite-length assignments
  • Industrial staffing—specializing in manual laborers, food handlers, cleaners, assemblers, drivers, tradespeople, machine operators, etc.
  • Office/clerical staffing—focusing on secretaries, receptionists, administrative assistants, word processing and data-entry operators, etc.
  • Temporary staffing—supplying client companies with workers on a short-term basis
  • Temp-to-perm staffing—offering clients a convenient way to try out temporary workers for permanent positions

The guide also includes a look at what a typical day is like at a staffing company, profiles of successful staffing service owners, and forms and checklists to help you ensure all your ducks are in a row.

No matter what the economy, staffing is always a necessary business service. If you’re organized, good with people and want to start a business that will generate big profits in good times or bad, this guide is for you. Order yours today!

Excerpt from this guide

This chapter focuses on the staffing industry and its niche markets. We’ll tell you how some owners of staffing services got into the business, and we’ll help you figure out if this kind of work is a good choice for you. Finally, we’ll discuss the rewards and challenges of the industry and provide suggestions for conducting your own market research.
Learn what staffing services are all about and why the industry, which saw explosive growth during the 1990s but suffered during the recent economic slowdown, now seems poised for growth.