Marketing Plan Pro 11 Orientation - Welcome

Marketing Plan Pro Orientation

  1. Marketing Plan Pro 11 Orientation - Welcome
  2. Marketing Plan Pro 11 Orientation - Plan Setup
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  5. Marketing Plan Pro 11 Orientation - Getting Help
  6. Marketing Plan Pro 11 Orientation - Financial Forecasting
  7. Marketing Plan Pro 11 Orientation - Tasks vs Outine
  8. Marketing Plan Pro 11 Orientation - Publishing your plan


my name is sean I’ll be the host for today's training session today we'll be doing a session or a demonstration of marketing plan pro version eleven powered by duct tape marketing this is a new version of marking plan pro so if you're using an older version of the software like marking plan pro nine point o or six point o there'll be some differences in the software but it works very similarly the differences are mainly that the program has been rewritten in collaboration with John Jantsch of duct tape marketing dot com and john did a really great job of helping us redesign the flow of the software to help people make a much quicker and more concise marketing plan so for the morning session it's going to basically be an orientation of using the software or how to get in and create a new plan or open any existing plans that you're already working on going through the plan setup section of the plan which is very important because it's the initial start to customizing the actual plan for your use and then introducing you to the user interface how to move around in the program how the program walks you through things we'll also touch on an introduction to the financial tables and the text topics in the software and then cover where to go when you need help with the software and where you can find answers to your questions really quickly through the program itself try and wrap everything up around ten thirty so we have a little time for a q and a and then we're gonna wrap-up this session a little bit early today because I have a session immediately following this one so let me go ahead and go back to the other slides here and I'm just gonna go ahead and switch over to marketing plan pro so your screen may flash for a moment